名称:JM Posner 英国商用高大4层多流巧克力喷泉SQ4-T

型号: SQ4-T
参数: 巧克力容量:最小 8kg - 最大 14kg
  • 梁经理:13823791636
  • 李经理:13825282253
  • 细节展示

    The JM Posner SQ4 Duel Tall Cascading Chocolate Fountain has all of the same great features of the SQ4 Chocolate Fountain but with an added 465mm of height to give it that extra wow factor!

    Our 2 colour chocolate fountain allows you to add a bit more creativity to desserts by offering clients an opportunity to explore the contrasts and complementary flavours that really enhance the character of all food. Offer dark chocolate and milk chocolate at once, or milk chocolate and white chocolate. Or specially flavour or colour one alternative and leave the other for a more purist experience.

    The SQ4 Tall Cascade Chocolate Fountain is a stunning visual centre piece that will be sure to impress any guest or client at your event or establishment and keep them coming back for more.


    • 总高度:938 毫米

    • 顶部高度:574 毫米

    • 桶宽:367 毫米

    • 桶高:364 毫米

    • 碗宽:500 毫米

    • 重量:37.5 公斤

    • 巧克力容量:最小 8kg - 最大 14kg 

    • 电电压:230V

    • 电频率:50/60 Hz

    • 电功率:500W

    • 最大供给量:250人