名称:Rowzer Plus 冰泥机

型号: Rowzer Plus
参数: Length 335 mm, width 190 mm, height 475 mm
简介: Total weight of the machine: 18 Kg
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    Rowzer Plus

    A sublime texture一款超凡的冰泥机

    提供了完美的质感和温度。这款设计美观、紧凑的食品处理器,可以让你轻松、快速、无需额外成本地制作出各种各样的冰淇淋和冰沙,因为它只处理你想要的部分。rowzer plus 提供了完美的口感和温度。这款设计美观、紧凑的食品处理器,可以让你轻松、快速、无需额外成本地制作出各种各样的冰淇淋和冰沙,

    Rowzer Plus provides the perfect texture and temperature. The attractively-designed, compact food processor will enable you to create a wide range of ice-creams and sorbets easily, quickly and with no extra costs, as it processes only the portions you want.


    Length 335 mm, width 190 mm, height 475 mm

    Total weight of the machine: 18 Kg


    电压:220V ,5A













    Features Rowzer Plus

    Carefully devised design and looks, high-quality injected aluminium body.

    Comes with 2 stainless steel containers with lids.

    Easy-to-read blue LCD display.

    Features Rowzer Plus

    Selection of the number of portions from 1 to 10 to prevent wastage.

    Makes it possible to serve freshly made ice-creams and sorbets at the right temperature.

    Features Rowzer Plus

    The texture combines fineness and temperature, obtained thanks to the design of the blades, with the lightness provided by the high-pressure air flow system.

    Features Rowzer Plus

    The specific system for washing the shaft makes it simple to clean and guarantees the appliance's long life.

    The container is easy to manipulate in the case of a blockage of the shaft thanks to the space provided by the removable tray which simplifies the extraction of the jar.

    Features Rowzer Plus

    3 independent motors:

    800W movement of the blades

    250W to raise and lower the shaft

    Third motor which incorporates a powerful air pump (15 l/min)

    Features Rowzer Plus

    Its powerful new engine, as well as its sturdy blades, will allow you to create perfect textures from mixtures prepared with chopped or crushed ingredients.

    Features Rowzer Plus

    For added safety, there is a removable anti-blocking tray for easy cleaning of the arm and blades.



    Optional accessories

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    • Rowzer Plus picture


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      Plastic container-holding jar

    • Rowzer Plus picture

      Plastic jar lid

    • Rowzer Plus picture

      Box of carbon filters

    • Rowzer Plus picture

      Pack of 2 containers