名称:PrO-Xtract5R Refrigerated 1L 离心机(带冷藏)

型号: PrO-Xtract5R
参数: 230V 50/60Hz
简介: Offering the only range that fulfills your needs.All Centrifuges are complete with Rotor buckets and bottle support. Bottles can be purchased from Centurion.
Simplifying your purchase.We offer a range unsurpassed to meet yourclients needs.From small needs 0.5Litre to Larger at 4Litres.Separation of Vegetables or fruit at its best.Cocktail use for new tastes


Refrigerated Centrifuge 1L(带制冷效果)

Speed : 4,000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps)

Rcf Max : 10 - 2,600 G

Timer : 0-9 Hours & Hold

Dims:  HWD 326 x 434 x 650mm

Weight:  41.8 Kg (without rotor)

Power: 375 Watts, 230V 50/60Hz

Memory : 10 programs

Accel rates : 10 programs

Decel rates : 10 programs

Temp range : -9℃to 40 PID controlled to +/- 1